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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the modpack through the CurseForge website. Instructions on how to install can be found in the description of the modpack.
If you did everything correctly, it should automatically be added to the server list when you download the modpack, but if missing, the address is mc.nebulanetwork.net
You can use GriefDefender to claim your area, which is similar to grief prevention. Please visit our wiki for more information Please do not rely on MineColonies claims, as they may be disabled in the future.
This is possibly due to our anti-cheat mod, Watchdog. Client-side mods and resource packs need to be whitelisted before you can join the server with them. Please visit our support channel on the Nebula Network discord if this isn't the case.
You can request a mod or resource pack to be whitelisted by visiting our forum and following the template
By default, you can press the 'o' keybind and the HUD option will come up. You can also completely remove it by deleting the .jar file from the mods folder.
Firstly, please ensure that you have enough memory allocated to your modpack. You can check if this is the issue by pressing F3 in-game and checking your memory usage in the top right. If that isn't the case, please visit the support channel on the Nebula Network discord.
You can connect your minecraft and discord accounts to your website account, for automatic synchronization. Please visit our wiki FAQ for more information