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Colonia v1.13.2 is now available!
2 minute read

Our modpacks and dedicated server for Colonia & Colonia lite have received a new small update, to fix a few bugs and crashes related to mods and configs. 

We are currently working on a massive update for 1.14, introducing some new magic mods, dimensions, and more!

New Mods:

Xaero's Minimap (Client-Side)

Xaero's World Map (Client-Side)


New Texture Packs:

Xaero's Minimap - Modded Support






Dungeons Enhanced 

Hidden Recipe Book (Client-Side)

Collective (Client-Side)

Simple Discord RPC (Client-Side)



Discord RPC config has been fixed

Singleplayer world corruption caused by dungeons enhanced mod should no longer occur

Client should no longer freeze after reaching a number of mods, caused by JourneyMap.


QOL Update

This update is completely optional to players, only introducing some new client-side mods which will improve gameplay. These will be included in future updates but for now, they are not required. 

New Mods

Merchant Markers [Main Only]

Item Borders [Main Only]

Keyboard Wizard

Smooth Boot [Lite Only]


New Resource Packs

Hey! Your Crops Are Ready (HYCAR) [Main Only]



Villagers will now have a marker above them displaying the type of merchant they are

Item borders now appear for rarer items, and the colour depending on their rarity.

Keyboard keybinds may now be visualized when pressing f7, making it easier to manage keys.

Upon testing, smooth boot cut 20 seconds of my loading time, which should hopefully help lower-end computers. 

Grown crops will now show an indicator that they are ready for harvest. 



Colonia Retirement
Colonia Retirement
We have made the decision to retire our Colonia & Colonia lite modpack(s) and server, due to player inactivity. Thank you for your continued support, we will continue to update our other Modpacks to newer versions of minecraft and introducing new...
1 minute read
Colonia v1.13 is now available!
Colonia v1.13 is now available!
Our modpacks and dedicated server for Colonia & Colonia lite have received a new update, introducing some new mods and updates to current ones. This is just a mini-update to introduce a few requested mods, the next version will include some new...
1 minute read
We have officially launched our new website! We are slowly moving some stuff from the discord to our website, so keep an eye out on the changelog! Whitelisting requests can now be submitted to our forum. Some of the FAQ from the wiki were moved...
1 minute read